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|ablatione|avengers x (m/f) reader|1|
A flash sparked down a regular, trashed alley way of New York City, the wall opening up a portal, screams echoed from the portal before a body was launched out, skidding along the concrete floor before the portal shut, returning the wall to normal.
The body was clad in jeans, a (choice of design) shirt and a grey hoodie, torn and bloodstained, hair was messy, unkempt from the normal (hair style) that this person had.
The body stayed face down, passed out from hitting the floor, hands twitched slightly, footsteps echoed down the alley - probably the avengers, they were alerted to these ‘anomalies’ basically automatically to investigate them and to make sure regular citizens don't get hurt by it.
A team of Natasha, Steve, Bucky and Sam rushed down the alley, all in gear, weapons equipped, ready to fight something, probably disappointed when they saw a passed out body of a (Gender).
“We were called out for this, really?” Sam sighed, kneeling down next to the body's
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 16 2
|Befriending you|Tony Stark x Dog!Reader|6|
New sounds echoed throughout Tony’s expansive house, your ears turning, attempting to locate the new sounds that struck your curiosity.
‘The hell is that sound? Where the hell is my human?’
You sat up from your small bed next to the window, you enjoy the view of the city and the many birds to bark at.
You walked from the living room out to the kitchen, where your human sat with another human with longer blonde hair and a more curved body.
‘That's my human..’
You whimpered audibly, trotting over and sitting by the table, giving Tony puppy eyes.
“What are you doing, (name)?” Your human asked, patting his hand on top of your head.
You continued to whimper, wanting your human's attention.
“Sorry pepper, let me just sort out what (name) wants.” Tony sat up from his seat, leaving a rather annoyed pepper to follow you back to the living room.
Once Tony set foot into the living room, you jumped up onto the sofa, barking at
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 29 3
|Somnium|Harley Quinn x M/F!Reader|
Oh shit, not this again.
“What you doing~” Harley sang out, walking over to you sitting at your office, late at night, again.
You sighed, “Work, Har. Some of us here in Gotham work for a living, sad as it is.”
“That must suck..” She begun to mess around with your hair, twirling locks in between her fingers, “You should dye your hair and join us. It's waaaay better than sitting at a desk.”
You chuckled lightly, “What, getting shot at all the time versus sitting at a desk without being shot at, plus I don't know how to fire a damn gun.” You continued on typing up more business plans and meetings.
Harley sighed, “It's not hard, (name). It's super duper easy!” She giggled.
You saved your work, turning off the computer, “Haha, and how many years training did you get?”
She shrugged, following you to the elevator as you picked up your bags, “Few years, maybe one.”
“My point done.” You c
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 48 12
|Proud|Raven/Mystique x Male!Reader|
“There's no need to worry, Rav, I'll be in and out.” She walked over, making sure the makeup covered your natural red skin, hiding scars and battle wounds of other kinds, blue contacts covered the unnatural, mutated color.
“I know.. I just worry, a lot..” You ran your hand down Raven’s ginger hair, leather gloves wavering in and out of each loose strand.
“Just keep an eye on Kurt, he’s getting a mutation like mine..” Referencing his blue skin, and growing tail.
“I thought he was going to be like me. Guess we have a second you.” You chuckled, kissing Raven’s cheek, moving away towards the door.
“I'll be back later, I'll keep my phone on at all times.” You showed off your phone, before stuffing it into your back pocket.
“Well, hopefully, it’ll be like last time.” Before you could twist the doorknob to leave, Raven hugged against your chest, catching you off guard.
“Be safe..” Raven
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 32 10
|Soldier|Bucky Barnes x Reader|2|
“You’re lucky Barnes. You could have blown your whole shoulder off.” The nurse mumbled, checking over Soldier’s wounds from the standoff with Tony.
You feared for Soldier’s life once you watched his arm get blown off, you rushed to his side making sure he was ok before fighting back.
“I might be able to help with Soldier’s missing arm issue, I watched them design the old one.” You said from your seat as another nurse patched you up.
“Thanks, 7. It feels odd only having one arm.”
You winced as you felt the nurse clean out a wound on your forehead, he quickly apologised, you smiled in return.
“All done Barnes. You shouldn't do strenuous activity for about two or three weeks. Same with you, (last-name).”
You raised yourself from your seat, wincing as you put pressure on your injured ankle, you walked out of the medical room and into the hallway, Soldier following behind you.
“Let's get your new arm made, Soldier
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 31 10
|Genes|Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader|
You were wed to the one and only Captain America, you worked in a local bakery near to Stark’s tower, and he’d fallen for you - he could of had anyone he ever wanted, a model, celebrity or another superhero like him. He fell in love with your personality, after a year of dating, he asked to marry you.
After a year of being happily married, you fell pregnant with your son, Jacob Jimmy Rogers, he was sick as a child - suffering some things Steve did before the serum. He has Steve's hair and your eyes, he wore glasses from a young age, suffering from short-sightedness.
3:12, the time you escaped from the bakery and begun to walk down one of Brooklyn's many roads, towards your son’s school.
3:27, you saw various parents crowd around the school gates, the kids ran around at the front playground - your son was only five still.
The gates opened, kids and parents flooded out the school or into the school, you always let your son bond with some kids before you walked him home.
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 82 6
|I Promise|Wanda x Male!Reader| 3
“We got to get up, (name)” Wanda patted your arm - getting a tired groan in response.
“You knows what happened last time you didn't get up, babe.” She rolled on her side, hiding her face in your neck.
“Mhmm..” You run your fingers through her soft brown locks.
Tiny thumps sounded a few rooms away, growing louder, closer and quicker.
“Incoming..” Wanda mumbled, a small smile evident in her voice.
You felt a sudden weight on your chest, crawling it's way to your face, removing the covers from your body.
“Daddy!” Small hands poked at your cheeks, “Get up lazy!”
“I don't think daddy will get up soon, let's leave him to get up Peter and find your sister.” Wanda lifted the five year old from on top of you, carrying him out of the room - softly closing the door.
After a few minutes of resting, you raised yourself into the wheelchair next to your shared bed - grabbing the shirt that rested on the armrest of you
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 25 2
|I'm fine|Mad Hatter x CatHybrid!Fem!Reader|
Spoilers from Alice through the looking glass
Winter had left its turn on the land, causing more worried for adults more than the children, as the ran around, making stuff out of the frozen water shards.
“Hey! Watch this.” Chessur proudly spoke out - he’d been practising for weeks, he rolled himself into a slight foetal position, top half of his body disappearing, his tail left behind.
“Where’d the kitty go?” Tweedledee and Tweedledum looked around, attempting to locate Chessur.
Mally sat on Baynard’s back as he walked up and bit on Chessur’s tail playfully, he hissed and hid behind you, wrapping around your neck - resting his head on your shoulder.
“You big meanie..” Chessur grumbled, hiding his face.
“You did good, Chess.” You pet his head, running your fingers through his soft fur.
“Hey (name), I'm going back to the shop with a customer, come with us?”
You turned to see Tarrant with an older
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 63 7
|Ruina|Steve Rogers x Reader|
The once mighty avengers laid, defeated against the towers floor, a bullet sat in Clint’s chest, Natasha knelt next to his pale form, full pressure placed on the gushing wound. Bruce, Thor and Vision rested in a pool of their own blood. Wanda passed out with a sharp gash to her forehead.
I kneeled down by Tony, slipping off my jacket and placing it onto a bleeding wound located on his abdomen - caused by the one and only - Captain America.
“Steve, what's wrong with you? Why are you attacking us?”  I growled out, glaring at Steve from across the room.
“It's my mission, (name). I have to.” He placed his shield on his back, reloading his pistol.
“You don't have to, Steve. We - I can help you.” You mumbled, placing Tony’s hand over the jacket on his wound, rising from your kneeling position.
“You can't!” Steve spat out sharply, “This was my choice.” He pointed the gun at you.
You scoffed, walking closer than stopp
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 48 256
to be done.
coming soons;
FEM; ;Steve x Wife!reader - Imagine stev child
F/M; ;Tony x Dog!Reader - Dog x tone again
F/M; ;Steve x Cat!Reader - (unlabeled file)
MALE; Wanda x reader (for someone <3) - do sequel again for key
FEM; Dean x reader 2 - DO SEQUEL
F/M; Steve / Bucky x reader - Aaaaa
F/M; Bucky x reader - Read soldier
(some i cant make for both genders - i try my best to.)
(+ i need to burn my google docs tbh)
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 2 0
|Soldier|Bucky Barnes x Reader|Civil War Spoilers|
1991, you were taken from your home, dragged into HYDRA’s arms, you were a extra in HYDRA’s death squad - sometimes you helped with some of Soldier’s missions.
You stood off to the side, watching Soldier get wiped once again, his screams echoed around the building, the machine calmed down, a man dressed in black behind Soldier opened a dark red book with a black star, he begun to read a passage from the book.
The Soldier tensed then relaxed his fists, he leant his head back his face scrunched up.
“Ready to comply” Soldier muttered out, staring into man holding the book’s eyes.
“Your mis..” He talked on about the mission, simple details - didn't need to know much.
“You’ll be working with Asset 7. Showing him/her how to complete their own mission.”
Soldier walked past you, brushing your arm, towards the preparing room you followed behind, Soldier went up to the gun rack, grabbing two guns walking back and passing a gun to
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 192 23
|Fallen|Tony x Reader|Civil War Spoilers|
Natasha had let Steve and Bucky get to the quinjet
“We need to get after them, (name)!” Tony blasted off towards the quinjet
“On it.” You lifted off, following Tony, locking onto the back of the jet - before you could shoot, your suit alerted you that someone was behind you, Falcon, shooting at you.
“Vision, I could use some help here..” You alerted into the comms, you locked back onto the jet, forgetting about Sam.
Suddenly, just as you were about to fire at the jet, your suit shutdown, you begun your uncontrollable fall towards the floor.
“Stark.. My suits down.” You felt yourself spin in the air, your eyes fluttered shut.
“(NAME)! NO!”
You heard your own bones snap as you impacted with the floor, the darkness had never seen so comforting..
When you woke up again, your bottom half throbbed, the glare of the lights bore down on your weak eyes, doctors, nurses, people dressed in white,
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 123 19
|Cutes|Bruce Banner x Sloth!Reader|
“Tony what is this.. Thing?”
‘How dare you call me a thing..’
“It's a baby sloth Bruce. It's a new friend for you while I'm away.”
The brown haired male placed you down in front of a darker haired man, onto a pile of paper, he sighed, rubbing his forehead.
You squeaked, looking at the black haired male with curiosity, you waved your hand in front of him.
‘Notice meee’
“I have to admit, it is kind of cute.”
He moved his hand forward, placing it under my belly and lifting me onto his pocket on his white coat.
“I guess he/she could be of some help.”
‘Mhm sure, I take regular naps, mostly half the day.’
He scratched my head, I squeaked in return, moving my clawed hand over his much larger finger.
You watched your human place down a gray bowl in front of you, sitting down on the desk seat, working on his ‘paperwork’ again.
You raised yourself to see into a bowl,
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 122 7
GIF page.
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 3 2
|City of ruins|Nick Valentine x Synth!Fem!Reader|
Nick had found you outside Diamond City, near hardware town, a broken Synth, thrown to the side, you were more unique to the other synths, you were a female Gen 2, a first and a prototype that the institute had send out without a way to get back, leaving you to get wrecked.
“H-hello there..” (Name)’s broken voice crackled out
“What are you..” Nick grumbled out, kneeling down next to (name)’s torn form, placing his hand on her torn cheek, she moved her hand up to touch his.
“I'm a gen 2, first female, I was scrapped. Performance issues I think.. It was so long ago.. Can't remember..” Nick assessed the rest of her body, torn wires and pieces of the fake skin like cover was torn.
“Can you stand at all?” Nick asked, raising up from his kneeling position, brushing dust from his coat.
“Not at all, I would of seeked shelter if I could by now.”(name) said, locking eyes with Nick, Nick sighed
“I'll carry you then, bac
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 20 3
Shoutout to my bae
:iconbeautifulchode: beautifulchode
shes posts fanfic and oneshots too c;
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 1 2


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